Safe & Accepting Schools

Our Safe and Accepting Schools Committee meets twice each year.

2022-2023 Committee Members:

Laurie Gilkinson - Principal
Brent Thompson - Vice-Principal
Sarah Prentice - Teacher
Deanne Hallman - Teacher
TBD - Student
Sarah Henderson - Community Representative

Some of the initiatives this group has implemented at our school are:

Buddy Benches on our Primary and Junior Yards. These benches were purchased by our School Community Council and were installed during the summer of 2019. Students who do not have anyone to play with during recess are encouraged to sit on the Buddy Benches which alerts others that they are feeling lonely and might need a friend to hang out with. Our Cougars are very kind and caring and it won't be long before someone approaches the student on the Buddy Bench and invites him/ her to join in whatever they are playing for the rest of the recess time!

Yard Duty Clipboards carried by staff on all three areas of our playground at every recess time. This is a tracking system that is used to communicate behaviour concerns on the playground to office staff and classroom teachers. This tracking system ensures that students are fully accountable for any poor choices made on the playground and helps staff to support students in making good choices in a proactive manner.

At Keppel-Sarawak, we strive to make everyone feel welcome and safe! If ever your child is not feeling positive about their day at school, please do not hesitate to contact us and explain your concerns and we will be sure to assist in addressing any issues!

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